Quality assurance has always been one of Benacchio’s most valuable building blocks. We translate our dedication to quality by investing in new technologies and human resources. We ensure that each phase of the project and manufacturing process is monitored to offer the highest quality standards, a highly valued feature by our customers.

ISO 9001

The awarding of ISO 9001/2000 in 2001 has marked a major milestone in Benacchio's history, leading the company toward meeting challenging requests from the most demanding markets and partnering with the most reliable and qualified suppliers.


ISO 45001

Starting from 2019 the company keeps proving that it is focused on the health and safety of its workers in compliance with standard ISO 45001 on a daily basis.


ISO 14001

We pride ourselves on being awarded the ISO 14001 certificate in 2005 as a desire to safeguard the natural heritage of the very unique geographical setting our production site is located for future generations: the River Brenta National Reserve Park. ISO 14001 has motivated us to develop more eco-friendly and more effective working methods.


IATF 16949

In 2011 we certified our Quality System in accordance with ISO/TS16949. Since 2018 the same system has been certified in accordance with the technical specification for the automotive sector with IATF 16949.