Benacchio is an engineering-driven company. Our design team includes technicians from sales, tooling, production and quality. A Project Manager (PM) leads the team throughout all of the design phases of the project, from prototyping to tooling conception and onto approval of your piece part submission. In more detail, our PMs are in charge of approving all input data, of collaboratively defining all technical and quality specifications as well as sampling and production start timing schedule. Each project is developed in close collaboration with the client, starting from the original idea to the final product. Information sharing throughout the Co-Design process with the customer is key to ensuring the proper engineering and manufacturability of the finished product. During the project development’s stage any requested change can be implemented flexibly and executed in due time.


>>Assessment and Feasibility Study

>> Method plan, process flow chart

>> FMEA Design

>> IMDS external processes

>> Development of dies, gauges, working cycles

>> Quality loop- Dies, R&R training

>> PPAP sampling

>> Audit process

>> Full shift daily production


Benacchio’s design process is based on standard procedures meant to define the appropriate method plan and development phases of each project, from the production of the die up to its delivery to the customer. Not only can we make our clients’ tools, we can also store their dies to be used on our presses, manage special automatic work islands dedicated to external finishing processes and offer any scheduled or emergency corrective maintenance services.
Our secret is simple. We divide each project into phases and monitor them to ensure that the process complies with the agreed requirements in terms of timing, feasibility and costs set forth by the customer. Toward this end, a weekly report is sent out by the PM to ensure complete information transparency.