Organisation model


Legislative Decree 231/2001 introduced a new form of liability for companies for certain types of offences committed by their directors and employees, as well as by persons acting in the name and on behalf of Benacchio S.r.l..

Benacchio S.r.l., with reference to Legislative Decree 231/2001, has formally established a Management and Control Organisational Model. The Model adopted in this way stems from the need, in addition to legislation, to successfully deal with the complexity of the situations in which the company finds itself operating, by clearly defining the set of values by which it is inspired and which it wants to be respected.

In no way can the conviction of acting to the advantage of the Company justify the adoption of behaviour in contrast with these principles.

The Benacchio S.r.l. Model consists of a “General Part” and three “Special Parts” designed to prevent the different types of offences and crimes provided for by Legislative Decree 231/01.

The Company has also appointed a Supervisory Body with the task of constantly monitoring compliance with the Code of Ethics and the Model by all recipients and the implementation of the provisions contained therein.